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Media365 Ltd is a global software development house established in 2013. We are expert in converting a business idea into an operational product using technology. Our mission is to produce reliable and scalable software that translate our clients goals and needs. From the beginning of our journey we have always been focusing on client satisfaction.

Our precedence is to deliver products that not only serve the purpose for today, but also a product for future in terms of saving operational cost and scalability. We have successfully delivered many projects from a simple idea to MVP followed by a fully operational product.

Why Choose us?


Our highly qualified talented engineers have solid experience in implementing technologies with industry expertise. Our area of expertise includes lending, finance broker, consumer credit data, car retailer & broker, 3rd party integrations, email marketing, e-commerce and bespoke CMS.


We are a process oriented organisation. This ensures prompt and high quality delivery from simple helpdesk tasks to complex multi vendor projects in using agile and scrum project management framework.


Media365 Ltd is specialize in creating bespoke software products, apps, and solutions for clients using technologies to generate revenue for business at the same time provides a great end users experience. We engage client in every stage of development which guarantees they get the right product.


We have dedicated quality assurance team to make sure that the product we are delivering for our clients is at its best in terms of meeting client requirements and robustness.


With a successful track record of delivering complex products and apps for our clients, thanks to our highly skilled technical team for using the cutting-edge technology combined with digital innovation.


Our dedicated staff are constantly researching new and upcoming technologies which enable our customers to run their business more efficiently.

Our Services

We provide range of services from UI/UX design, iOS and Android apps, bespoke software solution, Cloud computing, IT consultancy, 3rd Party integrations specialist.


Developing custom iPhone apps for business or consumer use starts with describing your idea to us. Then we offer the best solutions and technologies.

Android Development

As an Android app development company, we build custom solutions that run seamlessly on all types of Android devices.

UI/UX Design

Get the beautiful smart and customized website from PageTraffic. We offer web design services at the most competitive prices.

DevOps / Cloud

We provides DevOps-as-a-Service, automating end-to-end software delivery processes and ensuring the scalability and security of large enterprises and startups infrastructure.

Web Development

We provide web application development services since its establishment and the quality of our services and expertise in this area have resulted into the company’s growth and success. 

IT Consultancy

Our technical consultancy services are provided by a global team of engineering experts with hands-on expertise in helping you align technology needs with business goals.

Some of our successful projects

We have successfully delivered these innovative platforms

Bindu365 provides a unique platform offering one stop solution for travellers. It combines the features of Airbnb and and allow customer to book both private and commercial properties in the same platform.
FairSquare provides an innovative platform for customer to buy and finance their next car. It is a fully online platform where customer can find the car, finance it and get it delivered to their door. Its a lander agnostic finance comparison platform.
eMan is a parcel delivery and logistics company with SuperPowers! It allow customer to deliver their parcel from 1 hour to next day. Thanks to innovative technology to show real-time tracking to customer to track their package.